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First Jolla app!

Submitted by theyosh on Thu, 20/08/2015 - 22:13

This week I made my first app. I use a Jolla phone for a year now. And it works nicely. The fact that it is running Linux is the reason I bought it. It works like any other Linux device and can ssh to it.

Major update for

Submitted by theyosh on Wed, 22/04/2015 - 16:02

The last month, the website had a busy period. Almost every day we reached 900+ requests per second. That is about 30.000+ users that is seeing the counter. The problem that arises is that there not enough upload bandwidth. We have updated the livecounter under the hood, in such a way, that we can not handle 40.000+ users!! That is an increase of 33%!

Dreambox ReStream update 2.3.7

Submitted by theyosh on Wed, 22/04/2015 - 15:48

After almost 7 months there is a new update of Dreambox ReStream software. Due to the fact that we are currently happy with the software, the amount of updates is low. We think there is no need for updates except for bugs and or security related issues. If there are still wishes, please mail them to:

Celebration! 10 years IPv6 connected!

Submitted by theyosh on Sun, 15/03/2015 - 12:32

Party time! Today, exaclty today, this server is connected to the IPv6 network for 10 years!

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Houston, we have problem

Submitted by theyosh on Mon, 24/11/2014 - 19:57

Houston, we have problem

This month the counters of the livecounter website are running in overtime. There are a few new websites using the counter, they doubled the total amount of requests! The website was doing some 100-150 req/s average daily. Since this month the amount of requests are almost 400 req/s.

Due this amount we are experiencing some performance problems at spike moments. We are looking into new ways to reduce the load and still handle this amount of traffic. Here are some stats:

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